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At the very first wedding I performed I knew this was the work I was meant to do. The three of us standing at the altar is one of the most precious moments I’ve ever known. Couples say they never forget the person who married them. I want your wedding to be the best memory ever.

I specialize in non-religious, non-denominational ceremonies. I’ll travel anywhere in the USA, for any couple who wants to be married.

Claire is an amazing person! She can design Your wedding any way you’d like it, while making sure you don’t leave out anything important. Your wedding will be filled with laughter, love & acceptance. Definitely recommend!

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Claire Winston-Wade, Wedding Officiant and Owner of Savoir Claire

Claire Winston-Wade, Wedding Officiant and Ordained Minister

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There are so many types of wedding ceremonies. Give good thought to the kind of ceremony you’d like for your wedding. I have a number of samples I can share with you. I encourage couples to consider readings & musical interludes by family and friends. I adore when children play a role in a wedding ceremony. Pets of all kinds are always welcome. Let’s create a ceremony tailor-made just for you.

Before our introductory meeting, think about the vows you’d like to recite at your wedding. I can provide sample vows to select from or to use for inspiration if you choose to write your own. If you write your own vows, be sure you leave yourself enough time to edit & rehearse.

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June 2017 Bride, Johnette says:
I cannot even begin to explain how perfect Claire was for us! She went above and beyond her duties to help us with the planning and actual ceremony. She listened to every wacky idea we had (and trust me, we had some wacky ideas!) and even offered some wacky ideas of her own! She fit so well with our personalities. She is extremely thorough, professional, smart and kind! It is so obvious and evident that she enjoys what she does! I could not have hoped for anything better; she is it!!!!

Savoir Claire responded with the following comments:
Sometimes people just click & working with Johnette, Thomas & their family was one of those times. You were all so fun, easy & genuine. I’m so glad I got on the bus (hah!) and embraced your wonderfully wacky ideas – it was all so perfect! Thank you so much for choosing me to officiate your wedding. May the force be with you all…

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Provide a Ride!

In honor of Earth Day (month), consider reducing your carbon footprint as you plan your wedding. These days, guests will notice and appreciate your effort to save the planet, even if it’s in a small way.

Transportation is often overlooked as a source of environmental waste. Help your guests car pool whenever possible. For instance, if several guests arrive for your wedding by plane or train, arrange for transportation to pick them up and bring them to their hotel(s), instead of each of them renting a car.

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New Breed of Ring Bearers

It was our second meeting. The bride was lovely – organized & beaming. Her fiancé was nice too. He cheerfully nodded while we cooed over vows. When the bride stepped out to take a call I asked him how he was doing. “Fine”, he replied. “It’s getting close.” I started to say their vows were almost ready, but he went on, “Maybe you could call me at work tomorrow? I want to ask you something.” He was trying to be nonchalant. “Sure” I said “I’ll call you in the morning.” He instantly looked relieved.

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