Additional Services

Your meaningful events are so important to me! If the need arises, I can officiate:

Vow Renewals

The only time I have ever cried while officiating was during a vow renewal! No matter how long you have been married, you should renew your vows. I have a collection of beautiful readings and sample ceremonies to peruse for your vow renewal.


Are you struggling with a wedding speech? Father of the Bride? Best Man? I can help you create a memorable speech, as meaningful and/or as funny as you’d like!

Home Blessings

Wherever you live and no matter how long you’ve lived there, your home can always benefit from a spiritual blessing. While inviting creative, healing, protective energy, we can turn out any negative vibes lurking from previous occupants. What a wonderful feeling to cleanse your living space and fill it with your own warm positive energy.


Have you been smudged lately?! Smudging is a wonderful Native American tradition involving your family, friends, pets and your home. Practiced during a Home Blessing or other special occasion, we’ll create your own smudge sticks of dried sage and other herbs to cleanse your personal space of negative energies and influences.

Memorial Services

I provide non-denominational memorial services to celebrate the life that has passed, using music, readings, photography and fond memories. During difficult times, it is often helpful to have someone act as host for this meaningful event.

Baby-Naming Ceremonies

I can officiate a non-religious, non-denominational “baptism” for your newly born or recently adopted child(ren). Let’s welcome your new family member with a wonderful ceremony with family, friends, music, spiritual readings and pronouncements!

Pet Memorial Services

I offer non-denominational memorial services to celebrate the life of your beloved pet. The loss of a pet can be devastating. I pay special attention to everyone’s needs during this time, focusing on letting go and holding on to memories forever in your hearts.

Pet-Naming Ceremonies

Yes, pets can have welcome-to-the-family ceremonies too! Everyone wants to meet your new fur baby so let’s welcome the new one in style! We’ll choose music, readings and merriment for this trend-setting event!

Rates for these services start at $3000.

Send me a note below and let me know what kind of ceremony you’re planning!

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