about Claire


For years I officiated weddings around New England as a side job, for friends & colleagues. But now that I’ve moved to Maine, I’ve become a professional Wedding Officiant.

My rates are high compared to a local notary. I do more than show up & read off some vows. As your Officiant, I manage all aspects of the wedding ceremony – from where to go when you arrive at the church, to where to stand for your receiving line. I coordinate (MC) your rehearsal and you have unlimited access to me via phone, Skype and email. I can draft your wedding program if you’d like. I provide couples with customized ceremonies & vows. Whether we start with something from my collection or write vows from scratch, your wedding is going to be a glorious memory – for you & your guests. I pride myself in creating ceremonies & vows that reflect exactly who you are as individuals and as a loving couple. I want your vows to reflect the love in your hearts and what your unique personalities are bursting to say. We’ll work to get everything just right, and then I’ll rehearse with you both so flubbing a line is the last thing on your minds!

I’ve been professionally officiating in Maine for 10 years. My prior work experience is varied, but all comes into play when I officiate. I’ve been a zookeeper, horticulturist, human resource manager, executive assistant, IT officer, commercial actress, spokesperson, stand-up comic, theater producer, craftsperson and a cheese consultant. As a commercial actress & spokesperson, I was represented for 10 years by the largest commercial talent agency in NYC, ultimately booking at over $1000 per day. I’ve had extensive training in public speaking, voice & articulation, acting for stage, film & television. I studied 3 forms of comedy & performed stand-up in clubs throughout NYC. I’ve also been trained in eradicating viruses from houseplants & computers. My college years were spent writing I’m familiar with wedding ceremonies from cultures around the world. My strengths are being exceptionally well organized & my ability to work effectively with everyone – your guests, your family & all levels of vendor management & staff. You’ll find my ability to professionally project my voice & handily manage an audience is useful at rehearsals & at the wedding ceremony. Working with me is not only a good value, but the experience will be very fun. I hope to hear from you soon!

Claire and David dancing at their wedding

Dancing at our wedding with my husband, Dave. I felt lighter than air all day!

Flower girl

My original headshot from back in the day. Booked a lotta work in that suit!