Reviews, Replies and Photos

Amber & Dale

Bigelow Preserve, ME

“Simply put… Claire is AMAZING! From the moment we contacted her, she helped guide us towards the wedding of our dreams. Her professionalism made the planning process stress free and enjoyable. She exceeded our expectations by not only delivering a warm and heartfelt ceremony but also by imparting her wisdom upon us. We are forever grateful that this woman made the two-hour trip from Portland into the secluded backcountry of Maine to officially bring our lives together as one. There really are no words to truly express our level of appreciation.”

Claire’s reply:
If we reviewed our couples, Amber & Dale would get 5 stars too! They put together the most loving, heartfelt ceremony including delightful romantic details from beginning to end. Watching Amber and her dog crossing the little bridge to Dale, was such a little moment, but so extraordinary. I feel so lucky to have been part of this blissfully magical elopement in the forest. Thank you Amber & Dale!

Kaitlin & Andre

Bar Harbor Inn & Spa, Bar Harbor, ME

“Claire took the time to get to know us and gave us the wedding of our dreams! She is so sweet and kind hearted and knew exactly what to say to make a beautiful ceremony! We are so happy we chose Claire and thank God for her! Thanks again Claire we love you!”


Claire’s reply
Kaitlin is another bride who thru the sheer force of will made her destination wedding happen. Lots of curve balls got thrown at her, family health issue and more. But she stayed focused on her vision and it came to fruition beautifully. What an honor to meet Kaitlin’s grandmother who truly is just like Sophia from the Golden Girls! Her new husband Andre is a prince – his processional dance will not soon be forgotten! I fell hard for these two – I’ll see them again I just know it!

Kristin & Clem

Beech Hill Barn, Pittson, ME

“Claire was an absolute pleasure to work with and a calming presence the months leading up to our wedding. She has a great sense of humor and takes love very seriously. She really wanted to get to know my husband and me to make the ceremony as intimate and special for us as possible. That included, speaking a little French for our guests coming from France 🙂 For the rehearsal, she came to the venue the day before the wedding to meet the wedding party. She made the rehearsal fun for everyone and really prepared us for the next day. Our guests all commented how thoughtful the ceremony was and that Claire was one of the highlights of the day. We couldn’t agree more!! Thank you, Claire, for everything. Merci beaucoup!!”


Claire’s reply
Merci beaucoup to you too, Kristin! Theirs was the most beautiful wedding – the colors, the French influences thru-out and wonderful people. I instantly loved them all. I recall when the processional music began, I was in a deep interesting conversation with several guests and had to hurry to the altar! What glorious photos! I wish this couple the best of everything. Bisous! 



 Photograph by Jessie Felix, jessiefelixphotography.com

Melissa & Mike

Union Bluff Hotel, York ME

“There are literally no words to describe what an amazing person Claire is! From the initial phone call, I knew she would make our ceremony the perfect combination of fun and emotional… exactly what we were looking for! She surpassed our expectations. Claire was so genuine and so engaged with our story that my husband and I had several guests come up to us during our reception and ask how long we’ve known her. They just assumed she was an old friend because she seemed to know us so well despite never having met in person until the rehearsal. Claire truly made our wedding what it was… absolutely perfect!”

Claire’s reply:
Melissa and Mike are a dream couple – they loved the process and that made it so much fun to work with them. They eagerly participated in crafting their wedding and the ceremony and it was all just magnificent! Melissa even made everything herself right down to the flower girl’s tutus! They were an officiant’s dream couple, I was delighted to be part of this special day. Thank you, Melissa!

Photograph by Dory Diaz,  dorydiazphotography.com

Debbie & Jeremy

Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, ME

“Clair provided a personalized and touching Wedding. She took the time to get to know us and to tailor the service to match what we were looking for. Clair is a warm wonderful person to work with and she made our special day surpass all that we hoped for.”

Claire’s reply:
Debbie & Jeremy are delightful! Their two charming six-yr old children were official witnesses for the ceremony! See how I’m off to the side? I had laryngitis that day and thankfully my wonderful colleague Elizabeth came along to read the ceremony. Her soothing voice and presence made the entire event even more special. The little girl described her as “the lady with the golden hair.” I love that. This family elopement was perfect in every detail and very special indeed. I love that too.

Photograph by Brittany Jones, 207 Wedding Films & Photography 

Dawn & Gerard

Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, ME

“Savoir Claire gave us exactly what we were going after. She suggested the place, since we were from out of state. It was absolutely perfect. She provided a very intimate, fun ceremony. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the day. Claire was very professional and quick to respond to our questions. I would highly recommend Claire for your special day. We felt as if we have known her forever. Claire was the perfect fit for us, we could not imagine the day without her.”


Claire’s reply:
I couldn’t wait to meet Dawn & Gerard and loved how open they were to my ideas. Their only request was that the ceremony begin at 4:19pm. Something about baseball. I just love when couples bring their passion to the wedding!

Christina & Jeremy

Linekin Bay Resort, Boothbay, ME

“Hiring Claire was one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding.  She is warm, passionate, and diligent, and it was a joy to work with her and have her officiate our wedding. She did a great job putting together readings and guiding us through all the other components of the ceremony. We really would have been lost without her. She even kept our guests entertained while the ceremony was delayed due to rain. I highly recommend her!”

Claire’s reply:
I loved this wedding!  The ceremony, guests, rain and all – were just a delight. Everything was perfect – every choice, every detail was just exceptional. And their vows blew me away. The happiness, humor and the confidence these two exuded were delightful to watch. It was my honor indeed! Kudos to Krista at Linekin Bay Resort – not easy to re-set for an indoor ceremony!

Photographs by Sarah, I Am Sarah V Photography, iamsarahv.com

Kristy & Michael

Private Residence, Blue Hill, ME

“Claire was absolutely wonderful to work with! She added the perfect touch to our elopement. She was quick and helpful in communication. She was professional, personable and made everything stress free. She listened to what we had to say but gave us suggestions to make our elopement the best. She made the extra effort to make a connection with us and make the day as special as we imagined it would be. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thanks!”

Claire’s reply:
The depth of love and devotion shared, your beautiful elopement on the rocks, it all took my breath away. Thank you so much for choosing me as your Officiant and for your wonderful testimonial. My very best to you both always! 

Photograph by HH Photography of Portland, ME

Heather & John

Private Residence, Porter, ME

“Ladies, you better love your man because after you meet Claire you will want to marry Her. She’s perfect in every way from beginning to end. She’s very professional and her whole aura is soulful and soothing. We were blessed to find her. Everyone at our wedding commented on how wonderful she is. 5 stars is not enough. Thank you Claire!!”

Claire’s reply:
John, that is BEST. REVIEW. EVAH!!!! Thank you so much. What a way with words. I’ve highlighted that review on Wedding Wire. Who wouldn’t?! I expect bus-loads of incredibly cool couples to be contacting me very soon. Thanks again and like I said, you ain’t seen the last of me!

Patricia & Ruslan

Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, ME

“Claire made our wedding the magical experience we dreamed it would be. Both my husband and I loved her! My family can’t stop raving about her and what a special experience it was thanks to her!”

Claire’s reply:
This ceremony occurred solely because of the perseverance of this Bride: Undeterred by international regs & snags and everyone so willing to plan around a family illness, this elopement represents the sheer force of will. It was such an honor to be part of such an important time in the lives of this couple and their family. I know they heard my voice crack during their vows – that kind of love gets me in the Adam’s apple! Best of luck always!

Madeline & Adam

Stage Neck Inn, York Harbor, ME

Amazing from the Start!! All I can say is so helpful!! She always answered all my questions and gave me suggestions when needed. She was excellent with communication from the start. Savoir Claire was a god sent when my other minister cancelled on us! Call it fate!! Thank you Claire!!!!!!

 Claire’s reply:

I loved Madeline & Adam from the moment her Mom Suzy called me and told me about them! Their wedding at Stage Neck Inn in York Harbor was stunningly beautiful. Every detail planned & executed with perfection. This couple and their children were delightful and I hope to see them all again (i.e., dibs on the boys weddings!) The love between Madeline & Adam is palatable – I was so honored to be part of this union!

Amanda & Kevin

Camp Susan Curtis, Stoneham, ME

“We hit the jackpot hiring Claire. Claire was everything we could have hoped for in an officiant. She is so genuine, warm, friendly, and very skilled at making everyone around her feel immediately at ease. She was incredibly responsive and helpful, and we received so many compliments from our guests – they all wanted to know how long we’d been friends with her, and no one believed us when we said we met her for the first time that day. The ceremony she wrote for us was perfect and exactly what we wanted. I can’t recommend her enough. 

Claire’s reply:
I knew I was in for a treat when I heard this couple was from Alaska – Amanda travelled all the way to back to Kevin’s childhood camp in Maine to get married. Playing a role in that adventure was my honor indeed. I had so much fun at this wedding! Their families and friends were delightful and the location – deep, deep in the forest – added to the extraordinary time. Thank you for this glowing review and know I feel the same. Best always!

from Tammy

Memorial Service, Portland, ME

“I attended a wedding in which Claire officiated and it was marvelous! It was an unusual affair and of course not everything went off as planned. Claire got into the spirit of it and did not miss a beat when things went in unexpected directions. She certainly added to the fun and held things together nicely! Months later when planning a memorial service for a coworker I thought of Claire. Though an extremely difficult situation, she was up for the challenge and did a fabulous job. She spent time really listening to what people had to say and what they needed. She was again flexible with the spontaneity that happened during the memorial. Claire is first on my list for any event that needs an officiate or just someone to lend some cohesion to it.”

Claire’s reply:
As with weddings, every memorial service is very different. This one was solely for the co-workers, who were an amazingly strong, loving group and quite welcoming to me. It was an honor to assist with the planning of this memorial, and to lead the ceremony for their friend.