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Dogs in Weddings

As a wedding officiant, my standard questionnaire for couples now includes questions about dogs attending the wedding. It’s become that popular a trend and I couldn’t be more pleased. Enjoy these photos of couples who feel the same way – dogs belong in weddings!

Madelaine & Jarrett, 2013

I wish I had married these two! Madelaine with her new husband, Jarrett and the world’s Cutest Corgis, Penny & Henry. I’ve known Madelaine all her life and it’s incredible that she survived my care and has become such a beautiful and happy person, now with a beautiful and happy family! (Photo: Jeff Cook Photography)

Ashley & Roderick, 2016

This must’ve been a gorgeous wedding! This is Ashley with her handsome husband Roderick & their 4-legged family members at their beautiful summer wedding in midcoast ME. The miniature Australian Shepherd on the right is Popeye, who not only attended the wedding, but had an amazing adventure right after… read all about it in my blog:  (Photo: Kate Crabtree Photography)

Flower Girl & Flower Dog, 2010

This is my Flower Girl, Gracie Ann Mooney and Cara Mia, my beloved Flower Dog.  Cara Mia was looking old then and has since passed away but will remain one of the best dogs I’ve ever known. I was honored to have her in my bridal party.  (Photo: Rudy Winston Photography)

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