Savoir Claire Wedding Gallery

Officiating Moments

The three of us standing at the altar are the most intimate, unexpected and meaningfully unique moments I’ve ever known. This gallery is dedicated to those special moments.

Kylee & Steve, 2017

I believe I’m laughing at the bride’s vows. She’s reading something like “I promise to laugh at some of your dumb jokes but NOT ALL OF THEM. She said that last part really slowly and seriously. Hilarious. This is Kylee & Steve getting married at The Mooring in Georgetown, Maine. It’s a beautiful B&B/wedding venue. The owner’s son, a real Maine lobsterman & caterer, put on the elaborate lobster bake reception right on site. Fun fact: The owner’s father donated the land for Reid State Park. DJ/sound professional: Mike’s Music Mix. Photograph by Brendan Bullock Wedding Photography. Flower & Dress info forthcoming.

Rates to officiate WEDDINGS begin at $5000.

Rates to officiate ELOPEMENTS begin at $2500.

what "I do"

❤  The three of us will have an Introductory meeting usually in person, via phone, FaceTime or Zoom.
❤  I’ll provide support and on-going consultations right up to ceremony time. From rehearsal, to the recessional and I can even advise not only your unique ceremony, but your processional order, programs and what your guests toss as you depart.
❤  I’ll assist with any questions you have regarding venues, vendors, your marriage license, certified copies and name changing
❤  I’ll direct your rehearsal covering everything from where everyone stands before the ceremony to where everyone goes for group photos after; from how to walk up the aisle, to the bridal handoff at the altar, we’ll get it all down pat & have fun doing it.
❤  On the big day, I’ll officiate your marriage ceremony, using a full script that we create & customize together.
❤  I’ll complete your marriage license, obtain witness signatures & promptly submit the marriage license to the county office that issued it.
❤  I’ll provide you with a decorative marriage certificate suitable for framing (not a legal document).


❤  Rates to officiate weddings (12+ guests) begin at $5000.

The wedding rate quoted for you will be inclusive – there will be no additional charges for travel, editing or anything else unless you make me stand on a cliff edge or wear a costume… see last bullet below.


❤  Rates to officiate elopements begin at $2500.

The elopement rate quoted will be inclusive of all charges and fees. I feel strongly about elopements. I provide as meaningful and memorable a ceremony with 2 witnesses as I do for a wedding with 200 guests.

additional charges

❤  Additional charges will only be applied if ceremonies end up requiring hikes, climbs, cliff edges, my feet in water, shticks, skits, costumes, wearing of anything tweed, winging it, being cold and/or speaking in foreign accents.

Two men in suits with arms hooked