I’m a wedding Officiant now, but in another life, I worked at a zoo. Yes, I was a zookeeper. And got to know two wolves. There were two adult Timberwolves on exhibit in a wooded enclosure. Once, the curator of wolves invited me in to visit with them while he cleaned the exhibit. He said animals, in general, seemed to like me, so why not try. So I did. I casually entered the exhibit and sat down on a log. To everyone’s surprise, the wolves bounded over and jumped on me like they do to this guy in the video. They were so excited like I was a long lost friend and really rough with their affection. Bumping me hard and chewing my hands. I couldn’t handle it. I stood up and inched my way to the exit. The Timberwolves jumped up like big German Shepherds and actually nipped at my face and ears. They kept trying to knock me down as I walked so I would stay and play with them. The curator was delighted and wanted to put me on the wolf staff. I stayed with whatever assignment I had. Zoomobile presentations, I think. Incredibly cool memory, but terrifying when it happened. Isn’t that the definition of an adventure?