This is a confusing topic and I am no expert. I found this info on line and via personal experience. Contact an insurance professional for up to date information, laws and procedures in your state and town and for your specific event.

I found 3 types of insurance related to weddings:

1. Wedding Insurance

This insurance is about PROBLEMS causing EMERGENCY ARRANGEMENTS. You, the COUPLE purchases this insurance coverage. It is optional. The ideas is your policy pays you for expenses you have to pay due to arrangements you’re forced to make because of something outside of YOUR control. For example, your wedding venue experiences a plumbing disaster and must close on your wedding date for repairs. Costs associated with booking a new venue might be covered under a Wedding Insurance plan like this. In my opinion, if your budget is over 20K or more, this policy is a good idea. But get the right plan. Ask a professional. Note this coverage can usually be purchased in one day if not faster. Also, this insurance does not cover the cost of changing one’s mind about anything or cold feet.

2. Wedding Liability Insurance

Bride yelling into cell phone from back of limoThis insurance is about DAMAGE to the VENUE. You, the COUPLE purchases this insurance coverage. It is almost always mandatory. The idea is that your policy pays your VENUE for damage caused by YOU or YOUR guests. Most venues will require you purchase a wedding liability insurance policy and show proof that the policy lists the venue as the “other insured.” before your booking is confirmed. This policy repays your venue if, for example, your guests accidentally damage furniture or other property. If you own a homeowner’s policy or apartment insurance, this coverage can usually be added to your existing policy. If not, you can purchase it separately. In both cases the coverage is only valid for the duration of your wedding event. And can usually be purchased in one day if not faster.

3. Liquor Liability Insurance

This insurance is about DAMAGE from alcohol SERVED at your event. If you are serving alcohol at your wedding, YOU the COUPLE want to be sure someone has this coverage. Ask. It may be included in your wedding liability insurance. It may be that your caterer or venue may already carry this insurance if they are serving liquor as part of your contract with them. Ask.

It is the responsibility of the person or company serving the alcohol to obtain the insurance coverage to do it. If you plan to purchase all the liquor yourself and set it up as self-serve or if you have a friend or relative serve it, you should ask a professional about obtaining this coverage. Again, ask a pro.

The Liquor License

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This license is required for a person or company to SELL alcohol. This is not insurance. You cannot purchase a liquor licenses. Liquor licenses are issued to qualified individuals & companies by state. A bartender is required to have a valid state liquor license if he/she is selling alcohol at your event. So if you plan to have CASH BAR, your bartender is therefore selling drinks and is therefore required to hold a liquor license. Alternately, an OPEN BAR would not require your bartender to have a liquor license to serve alcoholic drinks at your wedding, however liquor liability coverage might still be mandatory. Remember, a liquor license is not a substitute for nor does it preclude the need for liquor liability insurance.

Bottom line: Ask a professional. A quick call to your Wedding Planner or Caterer or other wedding professional should ease your mind about who’s responsible and what your exposure is when it comes to drinking alcohol at your wedding. If you have to purchase your own coverage, do your homework. Make a few calls. Get an idea about prices for coverage in your area. Please review all Wedding Insurance options with an insurance professional before you buy! I have no experience with on-line wedding insurance companies, but they sure make it look easy. Use your best judgment. Whether you need ANY wedding insurance at all, what type you will need and how much of each insurance type you need will is best determined by a professional insurance agent. If you don’t have one, get a referral from a friend or co-worker, though most any reputable insurance professional can help you. Cheers!