Who knew Bath Maine had a famous trolley?! “Charlie” the open air trolley bus is available for rental by the hour or the day – see the link below!

In honor of Earth Day (month), consider reducing your carbon footprint as you plan your wedding. These days, guests will notice and appreciate your effort to save the planet, even if it’s in a small way.

Transportation is often overlooked as a source of environmental waste. Help your guests car pool whenever possible. For instance, if several guests arrive for your wedding by plane or train, arrange for transportation to pick them up and bring them to their hotel(s), instead of each of them renting a car.

Don’t underestimate the hassle of parking. It can be a major problem in some locations. Wasted gas & poison exhaust fumes are easily avoidable. If you can offer your guests a reliable transportation option, most will gladly accept it. Let them know in advance so no one rents a car unnecessarily.

Antique CarsWhy not combine private transportation with unique entertainment? Book your own old-fashioned trolley, passenger van or duck boat with a dedicated driver for the day or for the weekend. Your guests will be treated to reduced costs, zero parking issues all while enjoying the sights around your wedding and the
company of your other guests. Often those group rides are very memorable!

Every little bit we each do to reduce our carbon footprint will make a big difference in the future of our planet. Let your wedding day be a meaningful start environmentally too!

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